Apple Pay Declining, Pending Or Not Working When I Have Money – These Are Possible Reasons




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Apple Pay is the most popular cashless payment system with over 383 million users worldwide.

Apple pay declining

If you are one of the Apple Pay Users and you are experiencing issues such as Apple Pay Declining, Pending, or not working when you have money, this guide is for you.

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In this comprehensive guide, I will be sharing all the possible reasons which could be causing the issues such as payment decline, pending, or not working.

Let’s dive right into it.

Why Was My Apple Pay Declined?

Apple Pay is a contactless payment system that basically acts as a bridge between your bank (or card issuer) and the retailers.

If you are experiencing the Payment Declined issues, it could be due to a wide range of issues, and I will cover all the possible reasons which could be causing the payment decline.

Check Your Card Status

One of the most common reasons for Payment declined is that your Debit card is not working. One of the quickest ways to check whether your card is working or not is to check from the settings. Here’s how you can check it on your iPhone.

  • Go to the settings app on your smartphone
  • Now tap your name and then go to Payment & Shipping.
  • You may be asked to provide your Apple ID to access it.

Once you are in the Payment & Shipping section, check if you are seeing red text below your card. If it’s so, then it’s a sign that your card is not working, and you should contact your card provider to activate your card. Once your card I activated, you should be able to use Apple Pay for your payments.

Check Your Funds

Another very common reason for Payment declined is the insufficient funds in the cards. So make sure that you have enough funds on your Debit Card.

Check Your Balance Limit

Apple Pay comes with many limits, and once you reach those limits, your payments will be declined. The company only allows Apple Pay users to send or receive up to 10,000 USD per message.

Similarly, Apple Pay users can only send 10,000 USD per week, and once this limit is reached, you won’t be able to send or receive more money.

Check Your PIN

Another very common reason for payment decline is the incorrect PIN. If you enter the incorrect PIN at the terminal, your Payment will be declined. So, make sure that you enter the correct PIN at the terminal to successfully conduct the transaction.

Check The Terminal

Last but not least, make sure that you are paying on a terminal that supports Apple Pay. Although most cashless terminals support Apple Pay, there are some terminals that don’t support it.

One of the quickest ways to find it is to look for the Apple Pay logo at the terminal. If it has the logo, then you can pay for your stuff using Apple Pay.

What Does It Mean When Apple Pay Says Pending?

If you have sent money to your friends, colleague, or loved ones and you are seeing “Pending” status on your transaction, then it means that the next person hasn’t accepted your payments.

Most Apple Pay users mostly set the Automatically Accept Payments option, but if someone has enabled Manually Accept Payments, then that person would have to approve the transaction to accept it.

So, if the receiver hasn’t accepted the Payment, you can send them a message to accept the payments. It’s also important to note here that you can also cancel your payments while they have the Pending Status.

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Why My Apple Pay Is Not Working When I Have Money?

If your Apple Pay is not working even if you have the money, it could be due to various issues. In this section, I will outline some of the major reasons which could be causing this issue.

Check Updates

One of the best things about Apple Products is that they regularly get updates which allow them to get better. If the update is pending on your device, it could be stopping Apple Pay from working.

So, make sure that your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch is fully updated before you try to pay using Apple Pay.

Make Sure That You Have Eligible Apple Pay Device

Apple Pay doesn’t work on all Apple devices, and it only works on modern Apple devices. So, make sure that you have the eligible Apple Pay Device.

For example, Apple Pay only works on iPhones with Face ID and Touch ID except for iPhone 5S. Similarly, Apple Pay only works with iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, and iPad Mini Models, which have the Touch ID or Face ID.

Make Sure That You Have A Quality Internet Connection

Apple Pay relies on the Internet for work, and if you don’t have quality Wi-Fi or Data Connection, your Apple Pau won’t work.

So, make sure that you have a reliable Internet connection for working. Also, if you are using Public Wi-Fi, don’t forget to use a good VPN to ensure that no one is tracking your activities.

Why Am I Getting An “incorrect Merchant Info” Error On Apple Pay?

If you are an Apple Pay User, then you would have experienced an “Incorrect merchant Info” error at some point. It’s a very common issue, but surprisingly, I could not find any official solution for this problem. Some users have stated that they experienced this issue at some shops, but it was rectified after few days.

Another user reported that he was able to solve this issue by removing and then adding back the Debit Card to his Apple Pay. First, go to settings > Apple Pay and then select the card which is showing this error and tap “Remove Card.” Now add the card back to Apple Pay, and it should start working.

Apple Pay Declined But Charged – Here’s What To Do!

It’s a very rare scenario, but if Apple Pay has declined, but still you are charged for it, then the only way to solve this problem is to contact your bank. This is because Apple Pay works as a bridge between the card issuer and the merchants.

So, if you have been wrongly charged, you can contact your bank or card issuer and file a complaint. Depending on your bank or card issuer, you will most probably get your money back within 10-15 working days.

What To Do When Apple Pay Declined?

If your Apple Pay payments are declined, you will need to check the following things.

  • Make sure that your Debit Card is working.
  • Make sure that your account has sufficient funds
  • Make sure that you don’t have surpassed the Limits

If the above three things are right, it could be due to an issue at your card issuer’s end. Contact your bank, and they will assist you.

Why Is My Bank Declining Apple Pay?

Most Banks in the US works pretty well with Apple Pay, and if your bank is declining Apple Pay, it could be due to the following reasons.

  • Make sure that your debit or credit card is working.
  • Make sure that your card has sufficient funds to make transactions.
  • Some terminals may require a PIN, and if you enter the wrong PIN, your payments won’t go through, and they will be declined.

If everything seems fine, then the quick way to solve this issue is to contact your bank and ask them about it. I’m sure that they will provide the solution to this issue.

Why Is Apple Pay Not Working On My Mac?

If Apple Pay is not working on your Mac, it could be due to the following reasons.

  • Updates: If any update is pending on your Mac, there are great chances that Apple Pay won’t work. So, make sure that your Mac is fully updated.
  • Card Status: If your card is disabled, then you won’t be able to use Apple Pay on your Mac
  • Internet Connection: If your internet connection is unreliable, then Apple Pay won’t work on your Mac. So, make sure that you have a reliable Internet connection.

Why Is Apple Pay Not Working With Uber?

Uber is a popular ride-hailing service, and it works pretty well with Apple Pay and allows the users to pay their fair using Apple Pay. However, if your Apple Pay is not working with Uber, it could be due to the following reasons.

  • Server Issues: Apple Pay and Uber work flawlessly with each other thanks to great integration. However, users might experience some issues due to Server Issues. So, if your Apple Pay is not working on your Uber, wait for few minutes, and in most cases, it will start working after few minutes.
  • Card Status: Another very common cause of this issue could be your card. Make sure that your card is working properly and it has sufficient funds.

Is Apple Pay Safer Than Debit Cards?

Yes, Apple Pay is much safer than conventional Debit Cards. When you use Apple Pay, it only shares the temporary token with the merchant instead of your Debit Card information.

In this way, even if the terminal gets hacked, your data will be safe, and hackers won’t be able to use it against you.

Which Countries And Regions Have Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a pretty popular contactless payment system, but it’s only available in certain regions and countries. In this section, I will share all the regions and countries which supports Apple Pay

  • United States
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Macao
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, and other European Countries)
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Israel
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Canada


Apple Pay is a robust payment system and you will rarely experience any problems with it. However, if you ever experience problems such as declining, pending, or not working, we have shared the possible reasons and their solutions to fix them. 

Also, we have shared the list of countries where Apple Pay is available and if you live in a country where it’s not supported, you won’t be able to use it and you will need to consider the alternative.

We hope that this guide proved helpful and if you found your solution in it, please share it with your friends. Also, check this guide where I’ve shared the complete list of Fast Food restaurants and other places that accepts Apple Pay in the USA.

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