8 Best Fitness Trackers Compatible with MyFitnessPal In 2021

If you love MyFitnessPal app and looking for a fitness tracker that is compatible and works great with it then here I will show you 8 great options.
I have researched and checked it by asking friends who are using MFP app and by searching it online and I gathered for you the ones that will work best for any budget.

Garmin Vivosmart 4 – works great with MFP

Fitness is not just a task, it is a lifestyle. To get the best outcomes from an intense workout session, it is imperative to track performance. With fitness itself being such a delicate subject, one possibly cannot take it lightly. As going on a simple run and maintaining a healthy diet are all essential steps of getting fit, what matters more is tracking progress. The mantra of fitness revolves around doing better than yesterday. For which, apps like MyFitnessPal help in improving one’s life for the better. With features like counting calories, keeping track of nutrients, noting weight and workout sessions, pictures for progress and even an online forum to reach out to others perusing a similar goal, MyFitnessPal is an ideal platform to help make one fit as a fiddle.

8 Fitness Trackers Compatible with MyFitnessPal

Integrating MyFitnessPal with a fitness tracker can work wonders! With the app tracking calories burned and noting down the intensity of work out thanks to the fitness tracker, a better and more accurate picture of one’s workout can be viewed.

What this does is add and subtract calories off the charts for an accurate assessment. This also enables the wearer to eat better and add and subtract certain intensity of workouts as per requirements.

Luckily, Myfitnesspal can be synced easily with most of the popular fitness apps, apps such as Garmin Connect, Fitbit, Nokia, Polar and more.

This enables us to easily upload data from the app that we are using with our watch into Myfitnesspal.
Here is a small demonstration of how easy it is to connect Myfitness pal with other apps.

Hence offering the best of both world kind of experience. However, when it comes to getting the best results, it is best to pick a fitness tracker that works well with the app as well. Not every fitness tracker would work, but here are a few of the top tier products which do!

1.Apple Watch 5

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The first on the list is the most popular one, the Apple watch.

So yes, the Apple watch can sync and work great with the Myfitnesspal app, it will require iOS version 8.3 or later.

Check out this page on the Myfitnesspal website for more details on the Apple Watch integration.

2.Fitbit Charge 3 – Great Fitbit device to use with MyFitnessPal

Fitness Tracker Compatible with MyFitnessPal

Fitbit Charge 3 is a top tier fitness tracker that is available for $149.95 on Amazon. The fitness tracking device can be easily synchronized with your phone and later MyFitnessPal alike.

Features such as PurePulse™ Heart Rate tracks your heartbeat and estimates the calories burnt based on fluctuations.

It has a simple wrist-based heart rate and a simplified heart rate zone along with a SmartTrack™ feature.

This feature alone works great in recognizes when you exercise and transfers that detail to MyFitnessPal.

This lets you go about your daily business without logging in on the app to mention every little detail. Moreover, features like Workouts and All-Day Activity track steps, calories burnt, floors climbed and more. Providing an accurate assessment to give you a premium experience.

3.Withings Activité

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that looks like a beautiful elegant watch and not just a band than this one is for you!

Withings Activité is one of the best products in the market for the price. This fitness tracker is designed to monitor your activity throughout the day and night.

Check its current price on Amazon.

With its fitness promoting features like Activity tracking, Withings can easily be your fitness companion. With more options like Sleep analysis matched with Batteries that last up to 8 months, Withings is easily more than just an accessory. It is a commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle. An objective that MyFitnessPal alone caters towards.

All that pairs well with its Connected Movement Technology, which enables effortless synchronization with MyFitnessPal.

Providing an enriched workout experience that reflects in-depth metrics for an accurate assessment. When matched with features of MyFitnessPal provides a personal coaching experience.

4.Misfit Shine – a cheap fitness tracker band that works great with

When it comes to getting fit as a fiddle so you can shine, misfit shine fits the bill. Priced at around $45.

With its unique features such as activity tracking and counting the calories so you don’t have to, getting fit will be an easy check on your to-do list. All the daily recorded data will be automatically synced with the MyFitnessPal.

Enabling you to keep a fine record of what to eat, when to eat it, and when to walk home instead of taking the bus.

This personalized set of data will be your best friend on your journey to staying fit or getting fit. Moreover, due to the apps functioning, an accurate deficit or surplus in your diet will be easier to identify. Enabling you to stay fit!

5.Jawbone UP2 – another cheap fitness tracker band compatible with MyFitnessPal

Jawbone UP2 is another good cheap option, priced a little more conveniently compared to the Fitbit at about 50$.

it has a unique slim-fit design, perfect for all and any workout session. Paired with a long-lasting battery, this state of the art device will pair well with your account on MyFitnessPal.

It comes with the standard features of heart rate monitoring and sleep activity monitoring. What makes it unique is the preloaded activity timer features.

These features help in identifying the intensity of your workout based on the time you have already established.

It works well in recording strength training and rest time needed, all the details you can transfer into your personalized account.

6.Garmin Vivosmart 4

Another popular fitness band that works well with MFP is the Vivosmart 4.

Stay in style and improve your fitness with vívosmart 4 fitness band. A slim bracelet, also suitable for swimming, is pre-loaded with health and fitness features to help you make the most of a healthier and more active lifestyle.

The Pulse Ox sensor in the wrist allows you to assess the oxygen saturation in your blood during sleep; You can also check your oxygen levels at any time throughout the day.

In addition, the band measures a pulse at the wrist and offers useful tools that include stress monitoring throughout the day, breathing timer and relaxation and
VO2 max reading.

In addition, Body Battery monitors your energy levels and helps you decide when you’re ready for activity or when you may need to rest.

Safe to use in the pool or shower, vívosmart 4 provides up to 7 days of battery life – with smart messages and vibration alerts that help you stay connected even when you’re on the go (when the bracelet is connected to a compatible smartphone).

7.Fitbit Alta HR

Another Very popular and cheap Fitbit device that syncs very easily to MFP is the Alta HR.

Check its current price on Amazon.

According to Fitbit, Alta HR is the thinnest sport watch and pulse monitoring band available in the market, with the current generation together with Charge 3, considered to be the company’s best-selling pair.

At Alta HR, the company made sure to stay with the same design (because you don’t replace a winning design), along with the OLED screen and battery for five days.

The monitoring band is capable of counting steps for the entire day, along with measuring the pulse at fixed times and displaying them in this application automatically and without user intervention.

The band also tracks sleep activities, something that actually exists in any other band, but the company says the anonymous data collected over the years allows it to analyze the quality of sleep better and more accurately.

The Alta HR works great with MFP and it will take an average person a minute and a half to connect the accounts and to enjoy the benefits of this great device combined with the MFP app.

8. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

The Gear Fit 2 Pro wants to save you the need to carry your smartphone with you for a run, as it has a built-in GPS to track your route, distance and speed exactly as well as a heart rate monitor to show when you need to increase your pace and when to slow down along with a pedometer.

The key innovation in the bracelet is that Samsung has made it a useful tool for swimmers, and it will allow the swim to be monitored using the Speedo application.

The bracelet also comes with a smart system that automatically starts measuring and monitoring the user’s various activities – whether it’s cycling, running, or walking on a treadmill – without manual operation (also in Gear Fit2).

In terms of technical specifications, the Gear Fit 2 Pro comes with a 1.5-inch round-screen AMOLED screen resolution of 216 x 432 pixels, 512MB of RAM and 2GB of internal storage or 4 GB so you can fill it with music, a 200mAh battery used normally should hold 3- 4 days, but once you switch to GPS mode it will drain in just nine hours and Bluetooth 4.2.

As for MFP – the Gear fit2 pro synchs great and easily with it, all these and more making it a perfect fitness tracker to use with your MFP account.


Staying fit or getting fit can become ten folds easier. Especially when you have the right equipment at your beck and call. When exercising or maintaining a healthy diet, go the extra mile to accurately track your performance. This will not only help you in rectifying activities that do more harm than good but to also get in better shape and that too, faster and more effectively!

I hope that I helped you with finding a fitness tracker compatible with MyFitnessPal that will work with it greatly in your sports activities.

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