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Time management is one of the major issues of the modern world because we have many distractions around us.

Time management apps

That’s why it’s important that you effectively manage your time, which will ultimately translate to improvement in your productivity.

Luckily, we have smartwatches and Apps which you can use for better time management.

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In this WearToTrack guide, I will share the best smartwatches & Apps for time management, which will boost your productivity. Let’s get started.

Top 7 Best Smartwatches For Time Management

When it comes to Time Management, I prefer smartwatches over regular watches because of the fact that they do everything better. Smartwatches come with support for timers and apps, which can help you effectively manage your time.

So, I have done my research and picked the best smartwatches for Time Management.

1. Google Pixel Watch

You can do anything with the watch easily because of its great performance. The screen size of the watch is 41 millimeters. Amazingly, it has on-display mode features. As a consequence, you can see the time when your watch turns off. 

The watch is able to track activity. You can monitor your heart rate, sleep stage, exercise, and so on with the watch. 

You can receive your calls and SMS by using the watch. Moreover, you set timers or alarms easily. Additionally, you can use the emergency call when you need to. 

2. Apple Watch Series 8

Apple is really great for time management. The connectivity technology of the watch is cellular and GPS. As a result, you can make calls without your phone by using a watch. 

You will always get a powerful health sensor for tracking your health. The watch supports several apps. In consequence, you can run your favorite time management apps through your wrist. 

On the other hand, you can set the alarm and timers on the watch whenever you need. 

3. Garmin Vivoactive 4

The compatible device of the watch is a smartphone. So, you can connect all the time with your watch. In fact, you can set the time or alarm for remembering a certain time or date. 

The screen size of the Garmin watch is 1.3 inches. According to your choice, you can choose the color of the watch. Besides, the material of the watch is stainless steel. 

Furthermore, the watch is very good for monitoring the body’s energy level, workouts, and more. 

4. Amazfit Bip 3 Pro Smart Watch

Amazfit is a well-known name in the smartwatch market for maintaining great performance over time. You will never miss a schedule if you use the watch. 

For having a big screen, you can easily monitor the time from the watch every time. The watch comes with a powerful battery. As a result, you do not have to worry too much about its battery. 

For this, it is able to give you reminders on time always. 

5. Apple Watch Series 6

Best Time Management smartwatch - Apple watch
Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 is one of my favorite smartwatches when it comes to Time Management. The watch comes with tons of great features such as alarms, timers, and several apps that you can use for time management.

On top of that, Apple Watch Series 6 comes with advanced features such as fall detection, SOS, Heart-rate Monitoring, Activity Tracking, and ECG, making it an ideal option for anyone who wants to stay fit. So, Apple Watch will help you to manage your time as well as monitor your health. Overall, it’s a solid smartwatch, and it’s an ideal option for you if you are an iPhone user.

Honorable Mention: Apple Watch Series 6 is a premium smartwatch, but if you want an affordable smartwatch, you can consider Apple Watch SE. It’s the budget variant that comes with great features, but it lacks some advanced features such as ECG, but it offers great value for money, and you get tons of apps as well, which will help you manage your time.

6. Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit is a well-known name in the smartwatch industry, and the company is known for its quality smartwatches. Fitbit Versa 3 is the latest and greatest Smartwatch that comes with tons of great features.

Like Apple Watch Series 6, Fitbit Versa 3 is also equipped with a number of tools that will help you manage your time effectively. On top of that, it comes with features such as heart-rate monitoring, distance tracking, and a blood oxygen sensor, which ensures that you are on top of your health game.

Also, the thing I like about Versa 3 is that it comes with fast charging, so you can charge your watch in a few minutes. Overall, versa 3 is a solid smartwatch and surely a great option for Android users.

Honorable Mention: Fitbit Sense is another great smartwatch that comes with great features, but it also has a higher price tag. You can consider Fitbit Sense only if you want the additional features such as Advanced stress tracking, ECG, and Blood oxygen saturation.

Fitbit sense can also tell your skin temperature, and the watch does it with an advanced sensor. I have covered this topic in great detail, so check out this guide if you want to learn Fitbit sense measures your temperature. Like other smartwatches on this list, Fitbit Sense is also equipped with a number of great time management tools.

7. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is arguably one of the finest smartwatches out there. It comes with impeccable design and Advanced features, which make it an ideal option for many people.

The thing which I like the most about Galaxy Watch 3 is its design, which is very durable. On top of that, it’s equipped with features such as ECG, Heart-rate monitoring, activity tracking, and a variety of exercise modes, which is another plus.

The watch also offers access to the Galaxy store, where you will find tons of great time management apps that ensure that you get things done on time. Overall, Galaxy Watch 3 is a very capable smartwatch, and you should consider it if you are Android User.

Honorable Mention: Galaxy Watch 3 comes with a bold design that may not be suitable for many people. So, if you are one of those people and want a minimalistic smartwatch, you can consider Galaxy Watch Active 2, which is also a very capable smartwatch. It’s also equipped with features such as ECG, activity tracking, and others.

How To Pick The Best Smartwatch For Time Management?

The easiest way to pick the best Smartwatch for time management is to consider which smartphone you have. If you have an iPhone, I would recommend getting an Apple watch because it’s great integration within Apple Ecosystem, and it works well for Apple users.

You can also consider other smartwatches, but they won’t have great integration with Apple Ecosystem.

If you are an Android user, you would want to choose the smartwatches that work well with Android. In your case, you should choose the watches from Fitbit or Samsung as smartwatches from both companies have great integration with Android Smartwatches.

Best 5 Apps For Time Management

Smartwatches come with built-in tools that you can use for time management. However, you also get the option to install additional apps to take time management to the next level.

I have personally used many of these apps, so you can be sure that you will get very effective suggestions.
Let’s have a look at the best Apps for Time Management.

1. TickTick: To-do list and tasks 

The TickTick app will help you to make a schedule, manage time and stay with time in an effective way. It is an excellent task management app.

You can manage your all to-do list and focus the timer by using the app. In all honesty, it is the best app for Android phones. 

2. a TimeLogger – Time Tracker 

The app not only manages your time but also tracks your personal and professional activities. You can see your tracked and untracked time at a glance through the diagram by using the app. It will help you to do everything on time.  

3. Google Keep

Google Keep is arguably the best App for Time management because of its features and cross-platform support. The thing which I like the most about Google Keep is that it’s available for all major platforms such as Android, iPad, Apple Watch, PC, and Web.

You can simply create the list of tasks on your PC, and the app will sync it across all the connected devices, making it easier to keep track of things.

You can create the to-do lists on Google Keep, and you can cross the tasks as soon as you complete them. Similarly, you can also keep notes on this app as well. Also, Google Keep is completely free to use, which is another plus.

4. TogglMe

TogglMe is arguably the best Time management Apps for Samsung Watch users. The best thing about TogglMe is that it works offline as well, and once it’s connected to the internet, it syncs it across the connected devices.

It’s a dedicated time management app, and it allows you to keep track of multiple projects. You can start new projects and calculate the time you are spending across different projects.

The app also provides the completed report of your last week so that you know how you are spending your time on different projects. TogglMe is a premium app, and you can get it for $1 on Galaxy Store.

5. Todoist

Todoist is one of the best Time Management Apps which you can use on Apple Watch and Google WearOS smartwatches. Like other time management apps, Todoist also comes with great features that make it easier to manage time.

You can easily create new tasks and keep track of all the tasks with an intuitive User Interface. The app also categorizes the tasks into different sections, making it easier for you to know which tasks are urgent. Also, you can add labels to the tasks for effective time management. You can use Todoist for free, but it comes with in-app purchases.

How To Pick The Best Time Management App For Your Smartwatch?

In this guide, I have shared the 3 best time management apps which work well on most smartwatches. I would recommend you to consider Apple Watch or Samsung Smartwatches as you will find tons of time management apps (and general apps) for these two platforms.

When it comes to the best time management app, you can consider the one which suits your needs. Generally, I would recommend Google Keep because it’s an awesome time management app, and it’s also completely free to use.

If you are a Samsung user, you should consider TogglMe as it is arguably the best time management app on Galaxy Store.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we will answer the most common questions regarding ”Best Smartwatches & Apps For Time Management”.

What Is The Best Way To Track Your Time?

The best way to track your time is to use time management apps. You can create the quick tasks which you need to complete in a day and then use the time tracker to keep track of the time you are spending on a task. In this way, you will know how much time you are spending on different tasks, and you can tweak things to effectively manage your time.

What Is The Best Free Time Management App?

There are a number of time management apps available out there, but if you want the best, then it is Google Keep. If you want a more advanced app, you can consider Todoist. It’s not a free app, but it offers many features for free, which works well for many people.


That’s all, folks. In this guide, I shared the best smartwatches & apps for time management. You can get these smartwatches & Apps to take your time management to the next level.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to visit WearToTrack for more useful guides.

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